What is advocacy and what are its benefits?

What is advocacy?

It can be viewed as the expression of an argument to get better services from the political and community leadership. The services could be in very many areas of life like Health and housing. Advocacy therefore helps for the people to demand for their rights and also make their conditions better than they are presently. Advocacy is also important because it makes It possible for the people to be involved during the policy making process that affects how the people get their services in the community. It is therefore a very important thing to have advocacy at a community or personal level.

Benefits of advocacy There are many benefits that could be drawn from having advocacy. These include the following; Members are protected – where there is advocacy then the members involved are protected because they are able to articulate their needs and dissatisfaction with the current system. when in an organization or charity the members have trust in the organization and they are able to constantly express what they want to the organizations.


Advocacy helps to increase volunteers

When people see the effect that advocacy can have in their area they see the benefit to join in and also make a difference in the society. This helps to increase the volunteer engagement in the society which not only helps to keep the organizations going but also helps to increase the voice of the people. When people speak in one voice then the government and other bodies are able to listen to the needs of the people.

Brings better services to the people

Advocacy helps to improve the services that people receive. This is because they are able to make proper arguments that are backed with facts and proper research. If an advocacy group has many members then their opinions can serve as good views of the entire community. It makes it easy also for the organizations to research on certain issues affecting the community because they can have committees which are mandated with such tasks.

Advocacy brings information close to the people

Advocacy organizations are usually well vast with information on certain issues. This information is therefore easily available to the public. This can help people to know what options they have and what they are missing out on. Information is also the key determinant in any decision making process. The information will help people to decide what they are going to do.

Other benefits of advocacy include; helping an individual advance their cause and also helps people to build alliances. When people stand for the same cause it is easy for them to have trust in each other therefore building healthy partnerships. If you are still in doubt about advocacy you can contact any local advocacy charity or organization near you to learn more about what advocacy is.