Mercedes Benz News- Self Driving Cars And Future Of Autos

The idea of autonomous cars just a few years ago seemed like some fiction stuff, but now time has come for some hard decisions to be made. We have to decide which way to go with the self-driving car technology from here. Whether it’s time to accept it or we have to wait until carmakers address most of our fears. There is no doubt we are looking at one of the most disruptive technologies. Some of us that love tech are excited about its possibilities, having some extra time to do a number of tasks inside the car as it moves us to our destination. On the other hand, many other people are scared of the idea of taking a ride in a driver-less car. It’s not an easy thing trusting the machine to navigate its way through fast highway traffic.

Self-Driving Car Technology & Mercedes Benz F 015

Some leading automakers have already made important steps on a journey that will take us to the future of autonomous cars. Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Google and BMW are among the car makers that have something to show with their semi-autonomous cars. Although the technology has a long way to go in terms of becoming refined and getting enough acceptance even for regulation purposes, it has already been impressive. Of course the involvement of a Tesla car in an accident may have triggered many fears and made some people to think again whether to embrace self-driving capable cars or not.

But the available data currently shows that most semi-autonomous cars have been operating more predictably and are less likely to make accidents compared to traditional cars where human errors play a big role in causing accidents. Perhaps we need to be realistic and accept the fact that self-driving technology isn’t going to be 100% safe too soon, but we have to let go the steering wheel anyway. The experts can then continue to learn from any unexpected incidents that may occur, and then keep figuring out all the possible problems or limitations and their fixes or improvements.

But at the same time, car makers need to provide more accurate guidance to prioritize safety over marketing. It’s one thing to tell drivers they need to keep both of their hands on the steering wheel, and it’s another thing to hype a car’s self-driving capabilities. If you talk about the possibility of doing some work while the car drives itself, some people might start trying that out already and ignore the need to have their hands on the steering wheel. In any case, is the call to keep hands on the steering wheel an admission that the technology can’t be fully trusted or simply an issue to do with regulation? Car makers promoting their self-driving technologies should clarify such issues and probably win more trust from people.


Mercedes smart parts have made some great strides as far as autonomous driving technology is concerned. All the latest Mercedes E-Class cars are semi-autonomous. You are still required to have your hands on the steering wheel, but the car can self-drive for some reasonably longer distances especially where the roads are straight, change lanes automatically and so on. But Mercedes F 015 gives you the best idea about what the future self-driving car is expected to be like.

It’s basically a research car that creates a mobile living or working space for passengers while the car drives them to their destination. The design truly makes it look like a car from the future while high-intensity lasers detect road marks or project zebra crossing marks for pedestrians and do much more. Inside the F 015 are large touch screens with a variety of display themes and several functions for users to interact with the car, nearby people and other F 015s. This the kind of a car Mercedes hopes we could have by 2030, but it’s only based on currently available technologies.

In as much as the dream of autonomous driving cars seems to be inching closer, there are many people who are not willing to relinquish the control of their steering wheels any time soon. Driving with their hands on the wheel gives them an experience that technology can’t obviously replace. Talk about the Mercedes classic car enthusiasts that like to strip and restore cars, equipping them with the best of parts including Mercedes Rims, Mercedes Engines and Mercedes Transmissions. They do all that in order to get the best feel of driving their elegant cars especially while taking part in car show events.