Secure Online Voting For Schools

Schools have a lot of elections including the most common, and most well-known election for class president. This is the election that has been demonstrated on numerous TV shows as well as in a number of movies. Holding these elections for students is important because it helps teach them about how things work, and why you should vote. It also teaches them about campaigns and leadership. While holding elections for students is important, is it important to make sure that we have secure voting for schools. Furthermore, to perform online elections with EZ Vote Online systems for your school elections is recommended in order to save a lot of your educators’ time.

Why not just have kids raise their hands to vote?

For many people, counting raised hands for votes seems like it would be the most secure voting for schools. It would also be pretty easy for each class to vote for their class president by putting there heads down and raising their hands for the candidate they choose. It also would not take too much time for the teacher to count those hands. The main problem with voting this way is that it is not anything like it happens in the real world. It is important to try to simulate how voting happens for bigger elections so that our children can understand the process.


Should we just use a paper and pen system?

Setting up voting booths and having students go in to check the candidates they choose on a piece of paper is a good way to simulate a real election. This system is fairly affordable, and recognized as a secure system for voting in schools. The main problem with this system, however, is that counting the ballots by hand takes a lot of time. Elections are important, but your teachers and other staff have a lot of other work to attend to. Grading, teaching, and planning are much better uses of their time than counting little pieces of paper.


Finding the best online voting system for your school

The best system for your school is an online voting system. EZ Vote Online works to provide secure voting for schools so that no valuable information about the students is accessible to anyone other than the teachers and staff who work at the school. These secure online voting programs are designed to make school elections efficient, affordable, and easy. The best way to hold these electronic elections is to use the time that students are in the computer lab. It only takes each student around five minutes to log into the software and send off their vote, so not a lot of class time will be compromised. The online voting systems work by counting the votes as they come in, so as soon as the last student has cast his vote, the results will be ready. The top benefits of these online programs is that there is very little teacher time wasted on the election process, the results are instantaneous, and the act of voting does not interrupt the children’s education.